Fake High School Transcripts

What is a Fake High School Transcript?

A great addition to a fake high school diploma are fake high school transcripts. Given out after graduation, high school transcripts show a complete breakdown of a high school education including all classes and final grades for each.

Designed to look and feel like real high school transcripts, fake high school transcripts feature the high school of your choice along with your name and graduation date, as you want them displayed. The final document is printed out on security paper (ie: transcript paper), and seals and/or embossing is applied if offered by your chosen diploma printer. The finish products make a great novelty gift or a replacement for lost or damaged high school transcript set.

Fake high school transcripts are often available by themselves or with a fake high school diploma as part of a combo packages. Many sites offer such combo packages at reduced discount.

How much will a fake high school transcript cost me?

Prices are going to vary with fake high school transcripts, but expect to pay around $50 to $80 plus shipping costs. Ask the website you choose for pricing or visit their site for current listings.

What websites sell fake high school transcripts?

It’s easy to order a set of fake high school transcripts online, as there are many sites that can assist you! Check out these options below.

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What is the next step up from a fake high school transcript?

From here, we move into college degrees and recommend that you check out fake associate degrees.